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Will The New Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth?

By looper , in Gaming , at July 30, 2021 Tags: , ,

Fans felt underwhelmed by the Nintendo Switch OLED, to say the least. It didn’t live up to the standards of the fandom’s imagined Nintendo Switch Pro with 4K gaming and other next-gen jazz. However, it’s still an upgrade that appealed to portable gaming fans. Some curious onlookers might wonder if the console is really much of an upgrade from the original. 

Sure, the OLED model offers a bigger, brighter handheld gaming experience with its 7-inch screen, enhanced audio, and 64 GB of internal storage. It also adds a LAN port, which can improve connectivity for games like “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” However, the company didn’t mention anything about Bluetooth capabilities. So, does it have Bluetooth?

Technically, yes. The Nintendo Switch OLED does have Bluetooth. In fact, even the old Nintendo Switch has Bluetooth capabilities. You can find FAQs mentioning the connectivity on Nintendo’s website, but it’s not the kind of Bluetooth you’re thinking of. 

Most people think of Bluetooth as a technological capability to connect with any wireless device. The Nintendo Switch can’t use all Bluetooth devices, but it can use certain first-party accessories. Wireless interactions like waving around Joy-Cons and mashing buttons on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller are all accomplished through Bluetooth. However, the Nintendo Switch OLED (or otherwise) doesn’t use Bluetooth for accessories like headphones.


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