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Woman told she’d never be able to fall pregnant now has 10 kids

By , in Lifestyle , at August 10, 2021

Many women dream of becoming a mum, but that dream was almost taken from one woman who thought she’d never be able to start a family.

But now, Satu Nordling Gonzalez, from Sweden, is a proud mum of 10 having spent the last 14 years of her life pregnant, The Sun reports.

The 35-year-old mum details her family life on Instagram and shares adorable snaps of her children aged seven months to 13 years.

Satu, who is a stay-at-home mum, was reportedly 21 when she first fell pregnant but it ended tragically in a miscarriage.

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According to a local Swedish publication, Satu was left with scarring on the uterus and falling pregnant again proved difficult.

Due to stress, ovulation then stopped entirely for Satu who thought “I would never become what I felt I was created to be, a mother”.

But two years later she finally fell pregnant again after thinking she was infertile, and she and husband Andres welcomed baby Nicole in 2008.

Now, Satu and Andres, who works in construction, have six girls and four boys after welcoming their youngest Benjamin just seven months ago – Nicole, 13, Vanessa, 12, twins Jonathan and Danilo, 11, Olivia, 8, Kevin, 7, Celina, 6, Isabelle, 3, Melania, 1, and Benjamin 7 months.

The busy mum’s day starts at about 6.30am when she changes nappies, makes breakfast for her bumper brood and gets her older kids ready for school.

Then the housework begins and she will clean the kitchen, do the laundry and dishes, vacuum the house and tidy up their home before doing more laundry after lunch.

This is all while looking after the youngest of the clan and ensuring they stick to a strict sleep schedule.

Then, when the kids are home from school, she will make them a snack, help with their homework, continue the housework and prepare dinner while the kids are playing.

Bedtime for Satu is at about midnight, according to BabyNews, and alone time with her husband is only when all the kids are in bed at 8pm.

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